Sunday, 27 January 2013 – 15:00 to 23:00

ProgressBar Hackerspace, Michalská 3, Bratislava, Slovensko

unSYSTEM organisers are holding a preview event in our new shiny Progressbar at Michalska 3 in the centre of Bratislava.

Amir Taaki (Bitcoin developer, Bitcoin conference organizer)

Cody R Wilson (The Wiki Weapon Project) – Crypto-banking / mutualist political economy

Juraj Variny – How to invest into the biggest bitcoin stock exchange and the broker service

Marek “slush” Palatinus (Author of pool) – Trezor hardware bitcoin wallet

Mihai Alisie (Bitcoin magazine)

Mike Gogulski (Bitcoin laundry) – panel moderator

Nicolas Fischer (Bitcoin conference organizer)

Pavol RusnakTrezor hardware bitcoin wallet

Peter Surda – Economics of Bitcoin

yossarian, lawyer and Bitcoin conference organiser. He’s a big local dealer in Berlin with lots of interesting stories.

Jamileh Taaki, studying astrophysics at London university

Mark David Lamb, Bitcoin entrepreneur from London

Stefan Thomas, author of BitcoinJS and WeUseCoins Bitcoin video / website

 Andreas Schildbach, created Bitcoin for Android and developer for BitcoinJ (he’s recently taken over) which is the Bitcoinimplementation used on most phone clients and MultiBit. Bitcoin Wallet for Android & Öffi – Public Transport Buddy: lightening talk about Bloom Filters and how they will super-charge SPV wallets (like Bitcoin Wallet for Android or MultiBit)

 Frank Braun, the masked privacy extremist who was at the London conference doing a lecture on cryptoanarchism. Also his buddy Smuggler. Lightning talk “How to digest the red pill properly”:

You took the red pill and suddenly you find yourself outside the matrix, lonely and alienated from almost everyone else. This talk is about what you need to see the matrix for what it is while still being happy: How to equip yourself, how to build your tribe, and how todeal with society at large.

 Joerg Platzer, started accepting Bitcoin at his restaurant; Room77. It’s famous for its delicious hamburgers in a posh part of Berlin called Kreuzberg. The area was bohemian and retains that feel. Local shops dominate. Joerg was getting popular in the press, and other curious shop-owners became interested. All along the road, shops are now accepting Bitcoin. You can walk the Bitcoin mile in
Berlin’s Kreuzberg.